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Testosterone Boosters: Treating Low Testosterone Levels

It is really important for all men to maintain normal testosterone levels in their bodies in order to keep their sex drive higher and reach peak of their manliness. Produced by the testicles, Testosterone is responsible for secondary masculine sex characteristics like a deep voice, muscular build, and facial/body hair. This ultimate male hormone also fosters the muscle growth, bone mass as well as promotes the production of red blood cells and aids in maintaining an overall sense of fitness. Unfortunately men lose testosterone as they age, but thanks to advances in medical science treating low testosterone levels is now possible. There are a number of ways to increase declining levels of testosterone. These include patches, gels, tablets, injections, testosterone boosters etc.

Testosterone boosters are ridiculously popular in the bodybuilding circles. Men looking to increase their muscle mass and libido with very little effort may want to consider testosterone boosters. There is a vast variety of testosterone booster available in the market that increase the levels of testosterone naturally. Excessive use of testosterone boosting supplements, however, may upset the natural balance of hormones in the body, which can result in such serious side effects as acne, male brustvergrößerung, and hair loss. Men taking testosterone supplements often experience breast enhancement due to the higher levels of this sex hormone in their bodies.

So it is highly advisable to avoid taking testosterone boosting supplements if you do not experience any major symptoms, especially fatigue and sexual dysfunction, related to your low levels of testosterone. Even if you have declined T levels and you experience symptoms, testosterone therapy is not always the primary course of action. But if your physician identifies the reason for your Low T levels and recommends testosterone therapy to you, then there are several different types of hormone delivery methods to consider. Some of the testosterone preparations are as follows:

Testosterone Injections: A form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Testosterone injections come as a solution (liquid) that needs to be injected into a muscle every seven to 14 days by a doctor or nurse in a healthcare setting. Injections don’t cure the cause of low T, they just raise testosterone levels up to a normal range for a few days. Injectable forms of Low T treatment can cost very less if self-administered.

Oral Capsules/Tablets: Testosterone preparations are also come in a pill form that can be ingested orally. Tablets are attached to gum or inner cheek twice a day, from there the hormone is absorbed into the bloodstream. Although the tablets are easy to take and to dose, their frequent use may cause liver damage.

Topical Gels: As opposed to injectable forms and oral preparations of testosterone, the testosterone gels are relatively new. These hormone-containing gels are applied daily on the skin, typically over both upper arms, shoulders, or thighs. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the gel and to cover the areas of skin with clothing to prevent exposing women and children to the hormone.

Pellets: These are the long-acting form of TRT, which are implanted under the skin, usually near the hip, by a physician. Pellets contain crystalline testosterone, which slowly secretes over the course of three to six months.

Skin Patches: A patch containing testosterone is applied once every 24 hours on the skin. There it releases small amounts of the hormone which is then enters your bloodstream.

Testosterone Supplements: Commonly known as testosterone boosters, natural supplements are an awesome option for men looking to naturally raise their T-levels. Natural testosterone boosters are made from natural ingredients, usually plant/herb based. Most premium testosterone boosters are made with such natural, safe and scientifically tested ingredients as L-arginine, Tribulus terrestris, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Tongat Ali, Acai berry, and Muira Pauma.